Supporting Families in Need in Belton, Browston & Burgh Castle


The Pantry Scheme has supported many families over the past four years who struggle to put food on the table or have difficulty coping to make ends meet. We strive to support wherever there is need. Gifts are given by recommendation by the Village Green Children’s Centre, Moorlands Academy or Church. In this way we know the need is genuine. Each family receives three substantial gifts to allow them time to receive benefits or adjust to new circumstances but not relying on the pantry week by week. Gifts are delivered by the recommenders to the families who know the source of the gifts. Family details are confidential.                                                                                                                                                           

The pantry began with a collection of tins & dry goods followed by an assortment of whatever the supermarket had on offer, buy one get one free, purchases using vouchers or points & buying supermarket basic or own brand goods. We have, not only continued in this way, but developed our gifts to toiletries, cleaning products and Christmas presents. No items were needed from the small clothes bank, developed over the past two years so we now only accept new donated items, and when offered, they have been well received.

This year there has been a greater need to ‘top up’ families with smaller gifts over and above the three main gifts initially provided. This is due to unresolved issues, changes to family circumstances and the length of time taken for paperwork to be processed 

Monetary donations are welcomed to purchase short shelf-life goods such as milk, butter, cheese, eggs etc. Goods to stock the pantry are provided by many groups & individuals, for which we are very grateful. Gifts from the students at Ormiston Venture Academy, Moorlands Primary Academy, Belton Beavers, Guides, the JGI and Burgh Castle Church have boosted stocks and a grant from the Village Voice was very much appreciated. The Belton Craft Club supports with gifts during the year, and once again, they provided something chocolatey at Christmas time.  Thank you very much to everyone who has helped, in any way, to provide for this service.

Marion Chilvers & the Pantry Team