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Help fill a shoebox with small gifts to spread God’s love to a child affected by poverty, war, famine or disaster. Shoebox gifts from the UK are sent to 13 countries worldwide in Eastern Europe, Africa and Central Asia.

Can you help by providing any of the following? Something fun, something to love, something creative, something to keep clean with, something to put on, something to learn with, something homemade (but nothing containing stuffing).

Hygiene items – wash bag, flannel, wash mitt, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, comb, nail clippers, lip salve

Educational items – pens, pencils, pencil cases, notebooks, crayons, pencil sharpeners, erasers, solar-powered calculators, small colouring books

Toys and fun items– eg ball, yoyo, teddy, doll, toy car, games, sunglasses, hat and scarf

Sweets – small packets with use by date of around March 2019 – no chocolate!

Donations of money - each box costs £5 to send but donations of any amount would be appreciated, no matter how small. The cost covers collection of the box, processing and transportation by lorry or ship to the destination country

Please put any gifts/donations in the plastic box marked Operation Christmas Child at the back of church. Remember to try to keep the gifts small in size. Certain items are excluded so please check the noticeboard at the back of church or the information on the Operation Christmas Child web-site. Knitting and crochet patterns for hats, scarves and bags are also available. No items relating to war or religion, no liquids or aerosols. Soft toys must have the CE mark.

Items need to be brought to church by the end of October please as the shoe boxes must be packed and ready to go by mid-November. Or you are welcome to take a box from church and pack it with your own gifts. Don’t forget the postage charge!

Many thanks



For more details, ideas of what to pack, knitting patterns and moving stories about what a shoebox can do, visit the Shoebox website.

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