Hi everyone,

The church can be described as a family and as the body of Christ; either way, we are joined together whether we are physically together or distanced.

During this time of social distancing my hope and prayer is that we will find ways of being together, or at least feeling cared for.


This is not easy, so  I will be sending out a weekly newsletter with a reading and a thought for the day, together with any other items that I think might be helpful to encourage us as we travel these unknown paths together. 

No one knows what the future holds but we do know who holds the future – our God who is faithful and promises never to leave us or forsake us, and who tells us “not to worry but deal with one day at a time”.

With the constant news updates on the coronavirus on the TV and radio we can easily get into news-overload; may I suggest that you find positive ways to fill your days, rather than constantly listening to the updates.  

Perhaps rationing yourself to two or three updates each day (that will probably be more than enough for most of us!)


I have managed to see and speak with some people through social media.

If you use WhatsApp or Messenger, please let me know as it may be a way that I can contact you, or that we can get together – a number of us at the same time, which could be fun.


I also want to make you aware of a new thing that I will be trying at All Saints Belton.  You might be interested……..

Because All Saints Belton has internet access I am hoping to be able to broadcast a service from the church each Sunday at 10.30am (regulations allowing). 

This will take place behind closed doors, sadly, in order to follow the guidelines from the Church of England.


All Saints Belton – Joining Services Broadcast on Amazon Chime

How to join a service online?


1.      By Telephone -  If you have a package with your telecoms provider that provides you with free minutes please dial 0330 808 1871 – please check your package includes calls to standard landlines.  This will help reduce the cost to the church of providing this service.  If the cost of dialling into the service will be a struggle please let me know and I can give you details of an 0800 number .

When prompted to enter a meeting ID dial the following number: 8124 15 0737 followed by the # key.


2.      Online – Browse to https://chime.aws/8124150737 

a.      Click Join a meeting without an account

b.      Enter the meeting ID


As well as the weekly newsletter, I am attaching:

· An order of service for Daily Prayer, which you might find helpful.

It also contains details of a daily Psalm and Gospel reading

·         Information about the National Day of Prayer – Sunday 22nd March

·         The transcript of a podcast from Bishop Graham Usher, Bishop of Norwich

I hope you find these helpful.  If you know of anyone who would benefit from receiving these weekly updates, please do share them or get them to contact me and I will send them directly.


With my love and prayers.

Rev Rosie Bunn