Looking at some of the art at Belton Church By Barbie Channell

The following is part of a dissertation I completed for my B.A. about the art in Belton Church. It was thought that it would informative to pop it on the church website. The views are my own and I apologise in advance if any information is incorrect. I hope it proves interesting to you and, if you haven’t done so already that you saunter over to the church and take a look. But, when you do so, remember that the building is only that, a building, and that the people inside and why they are there is the truly relevant matter.

When Belton Church started to meet again within the Church building, having had to use the village school before this, I felt a little intimidated. Since becoming a Christian in my teens I had never gone to a church that met in a centuries old building with such bygone fittings and high, disorientating roof. But two things happened, firstly I became curious about its details and secondly the new Reverend Bunn, for some reason, asked me to help with the sacristan duties. This means taking care of the items for communion but also the textiles and tablecloths. How did she know that I would be able to design and make them? Spending time sorting such things out fed my inquisitiveness regarding the fabric of the Church, including the frescoes and carvings in the church building which has led to this essay. The Biblical aspects I was already familiar with but finding out the history of the Belton Church building and contents has proved very engaging. The process of finding this information was not straightforward and some areas proved elusive, such as where did the large Ten Commandments plaque come from or why are the corbels by the south door thought to be Edward III and Queen Philippa ?