How the Church is Run?

All Saints Belton is an active and lively church.

The church is governed by the Parochial Church Council (PCC) and elected group chaired by the Rector, Rosie Bunn, which meets approximately 10 times a year.

The Leadership Team meets approximately 8 times a year, considering vision, mission statements and supporting the Rector.

The Life Group Leaders usually meet on a regular basis to discuss learning aims and to provide support for one another.

All Saints Parochial Church Council Members:

Incumbent: Rev. Rosie Bunn

Church Wardens: Peter Lamin, An Howell

Deputy Church Warden: Colin Chilvers

Elected Members: Judy Gammans, Derek Mill, Shirley Brown, Tery Gammans, Paula Guard, Mark Leach, Tom Cooper, Michelle Leach, Isabel Birtchnell, Michaela Cooper, Janet Jones, Same Lowe

Deanery Synod Members: Anneka Gearie, Judy Gammans

Electoral Roll: There are currently 62 members on the Church Electoral Roll and the Electoral Roll Officer is Sue Angel. If you have worshipped with us at All Saints, Belton for 6 months or are a resident in Belton, you are entitled to make an application to be added to the Electoral Roll.