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Men's Ministry in All Saints Belton is a group of guys wanting to build their local community. It's all about the friends, with no need for small talk, where being grumpy is ok and there is nothing wrong with having a beer. We like to have a laugh and we like to get a bit serious some times too.

Men specific ministry is a new venture in our church and so new projects and events are coming around all the time. Further down on this page is a list of what we have got going on so far.

Another way you can find out what Men's ministry events are going on in Belton is to join our 'Nexus' email chain/group where we will email you before events happen and give you all the info you need to know.

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Vision Breakfast - Saturday 9th June - St Andrews Church, Gorleston

Flier for Vision Breakfast 9th June

‘Something for the men’

Did you know...

That’s all of us:

Spaghetti western references aside....the Vision Breakfast is a place where people can come to be changed, for the better. It’s not because of the venue or the people involved or even the bacon, egg and sausage baps (although they are very tasty), it is because it is a place where we aim to meet with Jesus, whether for the first time, for the Nth time or even if it has been a long time. It doesn’t matter what has happened in the past, Jesus wants to TRANSFORM us into someone STRONGER, BETTER and BRAVER. He wants to FIX us up, EQUIP US and send us out on HIS rescue mission.

Reaching men with the gospel seems to be an increasingly difficult task today. According to Evangelicals Now, men think the church is 'irrelevant, for wimps and women'. A survey by Sorted magazine even suggests that 50% of men feel comfortable in a ladies underwear shop while 33% of men feel comfortable in a church. Perhaps its because of reactions like these that the number of men in the church is on the decline. Dr Peter Brierley, author of 'Major UK Religious Trends' has even suggested that according to the current trend there will be no men left in the church by 2028. Of course we know that this is NOT literally going to be the case, because we will still be here, but you get the idea that something is going on.

For us, men's ministry is about men helping men, introducing the church to them and ultimately introducing them to Jesus. We are certainly not suggesting that women are not equally as important in bringing men into the church, they are, but there are just some occasions, some conversations that might only happen between men, this of course will be the same for women too.

Another important aspect we look at during the Vision Breakfast is men’s mental health and with suicide being the biggest killer of men under the age of 50, it seems poignant to dedicate a whole talk to it.

So if you are feeling hungry and a normal breakfast doesn’t seem to cut it, come and join us for some good food, 2 talks, worship and ministry in the Holy Spirit. Once again, we are lucky to book our guest speaker Simon Pinchbeck, the east of England regional director for Christian Vision for Men and speaking to us this time about men’s mental health issues, we also have Dr Regi Alexander.

Looking forward to seeing everybody.

Event booking details:

Cost: £3 per person (just to cover costs of food and travel expenses)
Time and Date: 9am to 12.30pm on 9th June 2018
Place: St Andrews Church, Church Rd, Gorleston-on-Sea, Great Yarmouth NR31 6LS
Booking info: PLEASE BOOK IN ADVANCE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. This is purely to help us to know what numbers to prepare for. To book, or if you have any queries, contact Derek on 01493 800369 or email .

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Promo Video:

Video Reel


A promotional video for the Vision Breakfast can be streamed or downloaded by clicking the below link:

The video has been created for the intention of personal use and church settings only. If it is played in church please add the song 'Father' by 'Hillsong United' to your CCL licence list.

This event is supported by CVM but it is not a CVM production

Previous Vision Breakfast's

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On the morning of February the 10th, at All Saints Belton church, just under 30 men from the Yarmouth area and beyond, gathered to eat a small mountain of bacon, egg and sausage roles and to hear an important message. That message was that God the Father loves the men he created and he loves his sons. Easy to grasp you might think, but Simon Pinchbeck, our guest speaker from CVM (Christian Vision for Men), talked from a wealth of experience on how many men have had difficult to no relationships with their fathers and the impact this can have on them. His focus, how the love of God the Father is unmatched and real, which from his personal experience and testimony has the ability to change even the most violent of criminals in to loving men of God. Still tough men, but now even tougher with and for Jesus. That morning we saw one man give his life to Jesus and others recommit their lives to him. By the end, everyone left fired up, inspired by the Fathers love to go out and serve him in the community.


We also listened to a very real talk on men's mental health issues highlighting the importance of the need to deal and help each other with such problems. The biggest killer of men under the age of 50 in the UK is suicide, making raising awareness of this very poignant.


This event is supported by CVM but it is not a CVM production

Engine Room

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The heart of men's ministry is a group of guys journeying to the centre of God's heart whilst eating a bowl of cereal on a sofa chair. We also pray for each other and people outside the group and have seen God do many things. Whether you are a first time prayer, or even if you are feeling unable to pray for whatever reason, come join us. God's heart is open wide to you, whatever your circumstances. The Engine Room takes place at 7 Paddock close in Belton, 08.30am every Saturday. Any queries you can phone Derek on 01493 800369.


Monthly Country Walk

2018 Rota for Men's Walks

Country walking, as many of you know, is a good way of taking a breather and soaking in a bit of nature. Its partly about the walk and partly about the talk (but with no obligation). Because of our good experience of this, here is our walking plan for 2018. All men of course are welcome and we will meet at The Rectory in Belton and travel to different parts of Norfolk and Suffolk (and maybe even beyond) under the navigation of Peter, our very experienced and trusted guide. In addition to the walk itself, we may have a pack lunch on route and continue the tradition of finishing the journey with a drink in the local pub. For any queries or to find out information about the next walk, you can phone Peter on 07875747709 or email us at


Other Men's Events

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Every so often we will run events which suit the occasion. In the past we have put the England v Scotland game on the big screen, held a darts competition down the local pub and organised a trip to see the inspirational war film, Hacksaw Ridge. Some future plans include a boat expedition on the Norfolk broads, trips to museums and following local grass roots football by watching the games.

We have also been running men's outreach events such as the Vision Barbecue in July 2017.

Additionally, we are open to suggestions so let us know, which you can do by emailing us on


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Christian Vision for Men are a group with an ambition to reach out to a million men and introduce them to Jesus. It is an organisation of guys looking out for each other. The men's ministry in All Saints Belton has been inspired by God through this movement and have been working with CVM to establish the new men's ministry venture in Belton. We also plan to work in partnership with them in the future.

For more info on CVM and the reasons that convinced us of the importance of men's ministry, you can visit their website at