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Faith & Faithfulness - Chris Sayburn

Chris Sayburn, New Wine's head of worship ministry, shares a brand new worship song, Faith & Faithfulness, and the story behind it.

Ashley's Story

Watch X Factor finalist Ashley's incredible story of discovering his true value and self-worth, but not where you'd think.

Hacksaw Ridge - The Desmond Doss Story

A group of our men enjoyed an evening at the cinema watching Hacksaw Ridge.  This video shows more of the story behind the film - Desmond Doss, a man who in the face of discrimination, bullying and mocking stood up for his faith and refused to break the commandment "Thou shall not kill" yet became a hero on the battlefields of WW2.

New Wine Live Streaming

Join those members of the church at the New Wine conference by watching the main morning and evening sessions live from 'The Arena.'

Pray for 5 friends

One of the "Thy Kingdom Come" videoes for the week of prayer that our nation will come to know Jesus.

Which 5 friends will you choose?