Posted 1 year ago

I have been wondering about what experiences of life turn us evangelical in telling others about the good thing we have discovered. I have a number of friends who run, and they have become eager and intense about sharing their latest time or reaching a certain number of completed park runs. Recently Tim has begun “slow jogging” which he tells me is excellent and good for improving everyone’s health, he’s also keen to show everyone his watch which seems to record everything you could ever need to know about your health. For me, I’ve just become a Grandma. Having been up in Scotland when my baby granddaughter arrived, I could easily bore you with photographs on a day-by-day basis!

What good news do you have to share?

Last year Moorlands Church of England Primary Academy was rated GOOD in all areas – that was good news that many of us were keen to share.

Last season, Norwich City got promoted to the Premier Division. Again, those of us who supported the club were probably over enthusiastic in our celebrations – it was good news for the football club and the city of Norwich and county of Norfolk, although there were some who said they wouldn’t compete with the big boys! (I am writing this immediately after Norwich beat Manchester City 3-2 at home, so please excuse my being zealous in my writing.)

Whilst Tim and I were away on holiday we visited Eden Camp near York. It is a former Italian PoW Camp which has been carefully preserved and made into a museum of life chronicling the events of both World Wars and more recent conflicts, with military vehicles and aircraft to view, and the story told with dramatic effect. (well worth a visit) Why am I telling you this? We were talking to two volunteers in the shop who were working with poppies, getting them ready for Remembrance Day when they would be decorating the Spitfire with them. We mentioned our ”poppy Tommy” and they had seen it on-line and knew all about it. I guess you could say we were evangelical (and proud) of the achievements of many last year.

Sometimes it is good to be evangelical about experiences and interests that excite and enthuse us, or touch us at a deep level, and why not! The Bible teaches that we are to rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep. I guess many of us have had the experience of being enthusiastic about something and our eagerness to share has not been well received. No doubt, we’ve all had the experience of being on the receiving end of person who is intense in their desire to talk, when we are not interested or are at a loss to understand what they are talking about.

The Christian faith is good news, and some would say that I am evangelical in my desire to talk about Jesus Christ and God’s great love for the world. I hope so! The good news of faith in Jesus Christ has been shared for over 2,000, travelling from the area around Jerusalem to now being accepted and known worldwide. The early disciples were evangelical in their sharing of the faith, and the quality of life together that they enjoyed.

This month we begin the Alpha course again. It is a great opportunity to explore with others what the Christian faith is about. To ask the question: “There must be more to life than this?” and any other questions that crop up in our time together. None of us want to be so evangelical and enthusiastic about our faith that we put people off before we have begun, but our faith in Jesus Christ is so important to us, we just can’t stay silent.

So, I would love to invite you to The Rectory on Friday 4th October to begin a conversation about “God, Jesus and Life”. If you can’t manage the 4th October and would like to find out more, we will meet again on the 11th October, again at the Rectory, but please feel free to contact me on 01493 780210 or if you want to find out more.