Posted 4 years ago

?A new season begins? was the conversation in the week I was writing this article; for the person talking to me it was the football season ? The Championship ? but within a week it is the Premier League that begins, all before the finish of the cricket season! Sometimes, these days, it seems that the seasons all run into one.

The harvest began later this year so the rush will be on for the farmers to get fields ploughed and seeded with the winter wheat before the autumn rains.

The new school year will begin with all the expectations that pupils and teachers have of one another; the desire to learn and be taught and the hope of good results for both pupils and teachers.

The cycles of life continue such as sun rise and sunset, new birth and the sadness of death and the loss of loved ones.

I was reminded recently of God?s promise to Noah; that

?as long as the earth endures,

Seedtime and harvest,

Cold and heat,

Summer and winter,

Day and night, will never cease."

The promise that the rainbow reminds us of.

So as we begin the new seasons, and thank God for those that are passing (and the harvest) there is hope for the coming months, of God?s promise of provision for us to enjoy

rainbow heart