Posted 1 year ago

By the end of July the next academic year of collective worship, school/church Christmas and Easter workshops, and special events in which the school and church work together. There were times, as we planned everything, that we looked back to what had happened previously (so as not to repeat ourselves) as we looked forward to the great occasions and experiences that the children would enjoy and benefit from.

As the children start back at school there will be a few who will find the looking forward scary or unhelpful; new class or new teacher, or both! But when we are reminded that we have faced a similar situation before (if we have and it’s been ok!) it can be quite a reliever of tension or anxiety. Looking back when looking forward (if that’s possible) is something we do when we make decisions. Decisions and choices are usually made in the light of previous experience, either ours or passed on to us by others. When we celebrate birthdays and anniversaries – that is exactly what we do.

On the weekend of 8th-10th May 2020, our nation will celebrate 75years since the end of World War II. At that time there will be memories to share and memories to make. The churches and cathedrals across our nation have received letters from Bruno Peek asking us to join in and encourage others to join in the celebrations. There will be church services, bells ringing, pipers playing (and it’s not Christmas!) and lots of parties and events to mark this important milestone in our history.

All Saints Church Belton intend to put on a tea party and concert on Friday Bank Holiday and hold a service on the Sunday morning. Burgh Castle Church will also be having a tea party and a service on the Sunday. Both churches are also hoping to be able to display a dove of peace on each of our churches, created by our communities for our community.

Some of you may have heard that poppy-making has begun again; this time we are making a white dove with a red poppy in its mouth. We hope to have this ready to hang before the end of April, in good time for the anniversary. If you would like to join in with these two group enterprises you will be welcomed with open arms. Poppies need to be white and made of wool or felt. Our experience with “Tommy” tells us that whatever size or thickness, design or shape, it all works together to create depth and character in the work of art that is constructed. Whether you can make one poppy or hundreds (we will need a lot) your contribution will be welcomed. Do join in the looking forward in order to look back to commemorate the people who gave in acts of sacrifice, courage and determination and saw us through such a dark period in our nation’s history. More information will be made available on the website or from the Village Hall Tea Room in Burgh Castle.

Harvest-time is also a time when we tend to look back, either remembering the good harvests, or the bad times; when we compare whether we have had more apples on the tree or the tomatoes are smaller or less sweet this year. This year the Harvest Festival Thanksgiving Service at Burgh Castle will also be a time to thank God for the provision of our new lighting and heating; for the efforts and skills that have brought this to fruition and to compare what was with what is now. And what a comparison it is! The service will be at 6pm on Sunday 29th September followed by refreshments. We would love you to join us and give us the opportunity to say thank you to those who have supported the church restoration project thus far. The Bible teaches us that when we enter a new place and enjoy the fruits of our labours, we are to be thankful. (Deuteronomy 25)