Posted 4 years ago

Lent begins on Wednesday 1st March this year. Often there is a lot of talk about what people are giving up for Lent, but may be this year it is time to give rather than give up. What do I mean by this? Well, recently, Bruce and I have led a couple of assemblies in Moorlands Church of England Primary Academy where we have thought about “letting our light shine”. Incidentally the song “This little light of mine” was sung with real enthusiasm. In thinking about letting our light shine, we decided that we could do this by helping people, including or encouraging them, or even just with a smile. Some of these ideas cost very little, just a bit of time or effort.

So, what might we do to improve the life of another person, and our own as well?

♥ A smile!

♥ Ask your neighbour “How are doing?” – you might be the first person they have spoken to today?

♥ Have a conversation with someone at the school gate, in a queue or on the bus.

♥ Make a phone call or message someone you haven’t been in touch with recently.

♥ Bake a cake or a pie to give away.

♥ Invite someone for a cup of coffee or tea

♥ Buy something for The Pantry at All Saints Belton (a food store for people in need)

♥ Pick a few flowers out of your garden to cheer someone up

♥ Invite a friend to go with you to a group you attend

♥ Do something practical to help someone

The Bible teaches us to take seriously the needs of others, especially if we have more than enough for ourselves. There are numerous occasions when Jesus teaches his disciples to be generous and kind, and to live with an attitude of gratitude (even in the tough times). At All Saints Belton and St Peter & St Paul Church, Burgh Castle, we are giving extra time to reading a book for Lent (The Living Cross) which is all about exploring more deeply God’s gift of forgiveness and new life, which we can experience through Jesus his death on the cross and his subsequent resurrection. As Lent lasts for more than six weeks, there is plenty of time to give, it’s just deciding what to give to? How can your small gift make a difference to the life of someone else? How can your giving time to something, make a difference in your life too? This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine…… You just must decide the how? and the when?

You are always invited to the church for the events and services we share together. Young at Heart is a wonderful group who naturally seem to practice the gift of giving, encouraging, inviting and sharing. If you are over 50, they would love to see you. If on the other hand if you are a family with young children, Messy Church is a welcoming place to land. Details of these and other groups can be found on the website or in the diary in Village Voice.