Christmas preperations

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I’ve been pondering about the best Christmas present(s) to give and receive (I’m just about to start my Christmas shopping!) A friend of mine has been busy making various gifts both beautiful craft handiwork and home-made flavoured gin and vodka, which has involved much thought and preparation in gathering the necessary ingredients and materials together. You may have a preference, of course, but what I thought about was the time and effort she had given to making these lovely things. She also had personalised these gifts in her own beautiful way with labels and tags.


Posted 4 weeks ago

I hope you enjoy(ed) your pancakes on Tuesday 25th February. I love pancakes the traditional way with lemon and sugar; how many of you like a savoury pancake? Or do you prefer the luxury version of bananas, ice cream and chocolate sauce and maybe whipped cream on the top?

Well, Lent has begun with Ash Wednesday on the 26th February and many people will have given up some of their luxuries such as biscuits or chocolate, or wine, or alcohol in general. So often Lent is remembered for a time of abstinence.

New Year

Posted 2 months ago

It doesn’t seem long ago that we were enjoying the feasting of the Christmas celebrations and only last weekend I was partying, celebrating my birthday, but now as I sit down to write, my thoughts turn towards the discipline of Lent, which begins on Ash Wednesday, 26th February.


Posted 3 months ago

I am writing this article a day or so before the election with all the uncertainty that holds regarding the future of our nation; whether we eventually leave the European Union with a deal or no deal or a further referendum to give us all another chance to decide our fate!

But enough of that! You could be reading this between Christmas and New Year and maybe it is a time for goodwill to all people and enough of that “B” word.

So what can I say about the future? I’m not sure! Time will tell which party is asked for form a government and then, what then?

Remembrance Sunday

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Rev Rosie writes ...

Remembrance Sunday.

When you hear mention on the 11th November and Remembrance Day, I wonder what thoughts come to mind; what memories are evoked?

It may be the tradition of wearing your poppy each year, or watching the Armistice parade in London and the placing of the wreaths at the Cenotaph, or perhaps it is seeing the poppy ''Tommy'' work of art that was hung from the tower of All Saints Church last year to remember the centenary anniversary of the end of the First World War. 

October 2019

Posted 6 months ago

I have been wondering about what experiences of life turn us evangelical in telling others about the good thing we have discovered. I have a number of friends who run, and they have become eager and intense about sharing their latest time or reaching a certain number of completed park runs. Recently Tim has begun “slow jogging” which he tells me is excellent and good for improving everyone’s health, he’s also keen to show everyone his watch which seems to record everything you could ever need to know about your health. For me, I’ve just become a Grandma.

Looking forward…. Looking back

Posted 7 months ago

By the end of July the next academic year of collective worship, school/church Christmas and Easter workshops, and special events in which the school and church work together. There were times, as we planned everything, that we looked back to what had happened previously (so as not to repeat ourselves) as we looked forward to the great occasions and experiences that the children would enjoy and benefit from.


Posted 8 months ago

Anticipation! A sense of expectancy, of hope, excitement or suspense. I wonder, is there something in your life that you are looking forward to with anticipation?

Last year I was looking forward to my trip to Malawi to see my eldest son get married. This year, I looked forward with anticipation to he and his family returning to live in Glasgow (for a while, anyway) and was delighted to be reunited with them in May when Tim and I travelled up to Scotland to see them.


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The months of July and August are for many a time of transition; the children at Moorlands Primary Academy will be moving classrooms and they travel up the school; some will be preparing to start in Reception or Year 1, others will be preparing to leave to go to High School in September. A significant part of the transitions at school are the Reception Graduation ceremony and the Leavers Assembly and act of Collective Worship